We are the only company offering professional services in installing, assembling, designing and modifying, martial arts sport halls and other physical activity facilities.

Fixed Tatami - represents a professional product, made out of high density (100kg/m3-240kg/m3) polyurethane foam, covered with poliplan material - PVC with textile insertions; made by direct tension, having no base, so that no square meters in the sports hall are wasted.

In Western and Central Europe this is the preffered surface among the professionals practising contact sports, as opposed to the classical mats or puzzle tatami, because it also has a very important material benefit: the price difference is low.


Due to its complex and different consistency, its resilience and its shock absorption capacity, it is recommended to be used in the practice of different activities such as karate, tae kwon do, judo, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, aikido, judo, kick-boxing, mma, muay, tai, box, yoga, gymnastics, aerobics, and other sports, in fitness and physical therapy centres, in which maximum safety requirements should be fulfilled.


Tatami Fix It presents a good shock absorption, it is completely safe, it has a maximum adherence capacity, a large practice surface; it creates nice practice environment, it is easy to clean, odorless (doesn’t smell) and has a 3-year warranty (when used appropriately).

At its fixed assembling we use polyurethane foam that is then covered with a special PVC material, designed for sports activities. No resin, silicone or any other type of adhesive is being used for its base fitting, so that it can be comfortably taken apart and relocated.

We offer different colors and thicknesses of tatami fix surfaces and our qualified staff can further advise you in making the choice that best meets your needs.

The price for tatami fix is between 45-67euro/mp (flooring – combat surface) depending on the thickness and density of the material.

Recommended thicknesses : 3cm and 4 cm.
Density: 100/150/200/240 kg/m3.
Own production Tatami Pro trademark
3-year warranty.

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