Floors, rugs or carpets? We recommend PUZZLE KIDS floors!

The advantages of the floors for children

Puzzle KidsPuzzle Kids offers a soft area in the playroom, so that the children don’t hurt themselves when they fall. On the other hand a rug or the carpet gather dust and they are more difficult to clean, so that they lead to allergies, maybe even asthma, while Puzzle Kids floors are antistatic, antibacterial, antiallergic, thermally insulated and above all NON TOXIC – SGS certified.

Most of the times children play on the floor, they draw, built and color on the floor. That is why it is so important for them to have a good, long-lasting, resilient and healthy playing surface.

The most popular rugs for children - PUZZLE KIDS - are made out of high quality EVA foam;
These foam rugs are ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, kindergartens and hotels that offer play areas for their little guests.

Puzzle Kidsfloors for children prersents an anti-slip, textured surface, the foam’s composition being thermally insulated and shock absorbing in case of falls.

These soft foam rugs have two detachable sides/extremities, so that they allow you to easily transform the lateral parts of the puzzle pieces into a straight line giving the room a finished look. You can simply use the lateral parts of the pieces in the corners, along the walls or the furniture.

Safety and comfort are the most important aspects in choosing the floors for the little ones.


  • At home
  • nurseries
  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • children’s play areas
  • hotels’ play areas
  • malls


  • Easy to clean, durable, thermally insulated, antibacterial, anti-allergic, antistatic, non-toxic, waterproof, odorless;
  • Easy to assemble - no adhesives required, easy to clean- can be vacuum cleaned or wiped with water, soap and floor detergents
  • Colors - wide variety of available colors. They can be mixed and matched to create any aspect or design.


Certificare TUVOur products are tested and certified by SGS and branded CE.

Modern floors have been specially created to give children the best comfort, hygiene and safety conditions while playing.

Net price 73 Ron/mp

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